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Aluminum stile and rail doors offer a window into the space, allowing natural light to filter into the offices. Swing doors can be furnished with an adjustable bottom rail to accommodate floor deflection. 


Product specs

        • Aluminum stile and rail  
        • Wide Stile 5”, Medium Stile 4”, Narrow Stile 2” 
        • Many options of top and bottom rails, to accommodate any hardware
        • Swinging Doors or Sliding Doors
        • Factory glazed option, ¼”, 3/8”, or ½” glass.  Inquire if thicker glass is specified.
        • ADA Compliant


    RACO has complete finishing capability in-house.
    Our standard painted finishes are Polychron baked-on enamel in Black, Bronze, White, and Grey.  For anodized finishes, we offer the options of Class II Clear Anodized (stock), Class II Bronze Anodized (non-stock), Class I Black Anodized (non-stock), and Class I Clear Anodized (non-stock). 

    RACO engineers their systems for easy installation.  We can provide on-site training or we can schedule a training class at our facility.  RACO provides project specific details in our submittals

    Contact our home office for detailed pricing information.

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     Get in touch with the RACO team to learn more about how our windows can make the difference in your office space.



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