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RACO most unique slim system provides a 1-1/8″ profile with a compression glazing technology.  This system requires 3/8″ glazing and can also intergrate with solid paneling (by others) and more. Offers one of the smallest profiles in the industry.  Design1 is one of RACO’s cleanest designed products.


Product specs

  • Single or double door frames
  • Framing abuts finished opening
  • Maximum height of 10’0
  • 3/8″ glass only – panels (by others)
  • Butt glazed options
  • Horizontal and vertical mullions with 1-1/8″ profile. Contact us to confirm spacing requirements.




RACO has complete finishing capability in-house.
Our standard painted finishes are Polychron baked-on enamel in Black, Bronze, White, and Grey.  For anodized finishes, we offer the options of Class II Clear Anodized (stock), Class II Bronze Anodized (non-stock), Class I Black Anodized (non-stock), and Class I Clear Anodized (non-stock). 

RACO engineers their systems for easy installation.  We can provide on-site training or we can schedule a training class at our facility.  RACO provides project specific details in our submittals

Contact our home office for detailed pricing information.

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