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Protective shield systems that offer minimalist design with strict adherence of new COVID office safety standards.

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Sliding Door Frame systems offer the optimum use of space with maximum design aesthetics.

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Aluminum stile and rail doors offers a window into the space, allowing natural light to filter into the offices. Swing doors can be furnished with an adjustable bottom rail to accommodate floor deflection. ADA compliant.

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Solutions frames offer unlimited design capabilities, screw spline joinery for tight corners, multiple profiles that can be mixed and matched in the same elevation, specialty frame applications, unlimited hardware preps, and positive pressure fire rating options. If you’re looking for a versatile system that checks off all of your client’s boxes, Solutions is the system to specify.

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Classic is RACO’s most traditional interior aluminum framing system. This system is available in 1-1/2″ profile and offers the designer, installer and customer the benefits of simplicity.

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In collaboration with our Liberty design team,  RACO is now featuring the AllGlass Door. With no top and bottom rails and self-closing hinges, these doors offer a sleek look for your space.

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225 Series

If you are looking for a more cost effective demountable option for your office space, our Solutions II 225 series could be the one for you.  The smallest system in our Solutions II line, 225 series offers versatility in a 3″ depth frame.

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Design I

 1-1/8″ profile with a compression glazing system. Offers one of the smallest profiles in the industry. Originally developed with our Liberty design team, Design1 is our newest frame line.

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every office front is a conversation

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